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Mentorship | Duration 1 Month in live market

Earn While You Learn

Technical Analysis program can give you great depth in understanding trend of the market and opportunities. However, Mentorship can also provide you Real market Live experience that can build right perspective to trading/investment. Market behaviour, Risk Management, Adopting Strategies, Trade Management, Practical applications to trading and technicals, event based trading, settlement trading, Money Management – key elements to successful trading are established to mould traders / investors to Profitable traders. Concepts that are dealt step by step in real market environment will broaden and strengthen traders to control their trades, emotions and develop right attitude towards becoming a successful trading career.

Mentorship is essential in any field. In stock market it is utmost important as Market is volatile enough to disturb everyone and drive into wrong path every minute. Either learn a hard way spending decades or Spend One month to develop discipline, practical application on Technical Analysis, Trade Management to become successful trader.

Program Covers

A certificate is provided to all participants. A must program for all intraday , delivery traders, Analyst, Advisors who want to succeed in trading/investing.

1. Basics of Stock market
2. Sector Selection / Trade Strategy
3. Real Trades and explanation
4. Importance of Moving Averages
5. Power of MACD and its applications
6. Directional Movement Index
7. Supports / Resistances
8. Trendlines
9. Fibonacci Retracements 10. Pivots
11. Price-Volume Relation
12. Candlestick Patterns

13. Identifying W-pattern and M-pattern for a trade
14. Identifying Inverse Head & Shoulder and Head & Shoulder pattern for a trade
15. Trade Management
16. Risk : Reward calculation for the trades
17. Solution to Losses
18. Trade Strategies
19. Trade Suggestions
20. Identifying Trending Sector Identification
21. Identifying Trading Ideas

Suitable for

  •  Retired People
  •  Housewives
  •  Working Executives
  •  people who are looking for secondary income

Mentorship | Duration 6 Months in Live market

Earn While Your Learn

Mentorship is a Complete Solution to all to become an Expert As An Analyst, As a Professional Trader, As Portfolio Manager, Proprietory Trader, Trade/Investment Advisor. One can understand the market and its direction, volatility in any given situation. It provides a clear solution to people who can trade with any amount of Investments with clear Investment / trade strategy of any given situation, any given opportunity. One can become a Market Expert in Any Segment. A person who completes six months Mentorship will become capable to trade in Any given market worldover.

We are proud to have moulded even beginners/Students/Business people/Professionals into a Market Expert as a Profitable Trader / Investor / Market Analyst. Few of our students are advisors to HNI’s, Analysts / Advisors in Research Companies and are capable of identifying and Invest in Multibaggers. Few of our Six Month Mentorship students give market view on Regional Channels.

Six Months Mentorship is a Combo Programme that starts with Basics of Stock Market to Investing in Multibaggers. It makes a person capable to trade in Equities and Derivatives. It gives confidence to invest big in the right stock with a little risk.

A six months Mentorship gains knowledge on one side, skill and right attitude on the other side. A person who starts as a small time trader loosing regularly turns to become a Professional, Consistent, Profitable trader

Highlight of this program is Live Trading Ideas are suggested and Concept is also explained. Participants are guided through the trade and ensure they complete the trade as planned profitably.

Sure Shot trade also suggested with clear concept making the participant understand well to ensure consistency lifetime.

1. Comprehensive Understanding of Technical Analysis
2. Practical Application of Technical Analysis
3. Application of Fundamental Concepts
4. Creating Derivative Strategies
5. Problem Solving
6. Risk Management
7. Addressing Issues of Losses
8. Operational Expertise
9. Art of Technical & Fundamental Analysis.
10. Identifying Multibagger stocks.

11. Trade Suggestions
12. Trading on Banknifty weekly options.
13. Advance Technical Analysis
14. Event Based Trading strategies. Ex . Budget, Results
15. Trade plan.
16. Monthly Auto Sales Trade Plan.
17. Identifying Leaders and Followers.
18. Monetary Policy and Fund Flow Analysis.
19. 52 week / Multi Year Stocks Trading Strategy

In all programmes, Real time Live Examples / Trades are suggested with clear risk, reward and Money/Trade Management. All suggestions are explained based on the Concept that is taught in the respective programmes.
Learn everything what is not taught elsewhere