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Stock Market Analysis Techniques |6 months

"Mentoring Programme is Compulsory to a trader/investor to get insights into Capital Markets - gain Expertise and Earn.

Mentor Programme involves Personal Training for Technical & Fundamental Analysis during market hours(Live Market) for a period of 4 to 6 months to mould Beginners/Experienced Trader / Analysts / Retired Persons / Housewives into a Professional Profitable Trader / Investor. Focus will be on Equity, Derivatives, Commodities& Currency Markets. Every aspect of Trends will be highlighted in Uptrending, Downtrending, Sideways, Reversal Phases of Securities. This is an ultimate opportunity to learn perfectly and earn as well. It’s a complete solution different from any other training that is carried out on concepts of Technical/Fundamental Analysis

Stock Market Analysis Techniques : ( Duration 6 Months )
Objectives of Mentor Programme:

Technical Analysis need to be understood in the right perspective. Most of the concepts are mechanically followed looking into the indications and patterns on Charts. Complexities of various Technical Analysis needs an Approach to appreciate it.

It is the main objective to address issues with respect to identifying various opportunities based on Technical Analysis. It is challenging to identify Trends in real market. Mentor Programme addresses the issue of Practical understanding of Technical Analysis. It is to make a person perfect Technical Analyst.

All fundamentals are discounted without knowledge of a Trader/Investor. Any change in Fundamentals are automatically discounted by Market smartly which an Individual can never imagine. Trends are established because of present & future Fundamentals. Programme of 4 to 6 months Live Market Personal Trainingcould address issues with respect to various developments in Economy, Industry, Company.

We cannot survive in Markets unless we are comfortable with creating Strategies which suits the current trend in a security, risk management and smart trades. To make a commitment in the market and relax is what a smart trader/expert needs. This is only possible through Derivative Strategy.

Problem Solving requires utmost attention. Bad Times, Good Times requires need to be faced keeping in mind – Emotional, Sentimental, Financial, Behavioral Aspects of a Trader / Investor. Human Being requires a Mentor, a guide, a true friend who can steer us into the right path.

Man cannot progress without taking risk in life. Risk in Securities are a class apart. Traders / Investors are forced into risky situations in Capital Markets. Capital Markets can never be managed / understood by anyone. This calls for a smart stable personality to face the risk situations. For this, a thorough of understanding of current trends is a must. Working a Practical Solution is the need of the hour.

To make a strong/active trader loose confidence, one good loss is more than enough. Initial Courage can never be regained once a trader/investor faces a nasty situation in the market. It requires not only facing it smartness, but also a change in attitude which is possible through Mentoring only.

Man is Smart Enough to understand and foresee Complex Issues. But, when faced with such issues in real time, bows down with pressures. Understanding the complexities and practical issues in trading, an Operational Plan/Skill is essential. Most of the traders, consider operational expertise is a trivial issue. However, we claim it has a very important role in the process of execution of trading plan.

Art is not really given any significance though we speak about it. It needs an attitude and a personality to enjoy the Strength of Technical & Fundamental Analysis. One Who Experiences Profits and Losses, will appreciate and take the right path to win this Market Consistently. Objectivity should help one way to Appreciate Art of Technical Analysis. Jessie Livermore, Elder Alexander, Sokyno Honma have already proven.